FAQ - Private Events

Is there a fee to rent Alexandraplatz on the off season?

Yes we charge a small fee in order to open the bar for private events. Please contact us for details about pricing.

What time does the bar open and close for private events?

The schedule is flexible to your needs, but if you need to be in the space more than one hour before the beginning of your event there is a charge of $20/ hour for the person coordinating your event. This person would, of course, give you a hand if needed. They are very handy. Please let us know your ideal schedule when inquiring.

How many people fit inside the bar?

Our interior capacity is 95 people, which must be respected at all times.

Am I allowed to bring food or have my event catered?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food or your own catering company. If you would like we can provide you with some names of people that do food for small events as well. You are responsible for all installation and clean up of food service.

Is there a DJ set up?

We have a small sound system with a connection (mini-jack) for an iPod or computer. You are welcome to bring a DJ setup and connect it to our system (we have a stereo XLR input). Please keep in mind that we aren’t a disco dance party and noise has to be kept to a reasonable level. We can refer DJs for your event if you need.

Can I rent the space for a private event while the bar is open?

We cannot accommodate private events during the season (May-September), but we are happy to host events that are open to the public.

Are children allowed to come to private events?

Unfortunately, our liqour permit does not allow for anyone under the age of 18 inside the bar.

Can I request a specific alcohol or wine I would like for my event?

Yes, please let us know as early as possible if you have special wishes. 

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No, all alcohol must be purchased from the bar.

Do we have access to the terrasse?

If the weather is nice enough we’re happy to set up a couple tables on the terrasse. 

Can I decorate or change the set up of the space?

You’re welcome to set up the space as you wish. Please leave the space as you found it.


Weekday rental (Sunday – Wednesday) $300.00

Weekend rental (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) $350.00

As needed:

Cleaning fee: $60.00

Security: $20.00 / hour

Set up assistance: $20.00 / hour

Platz Booking <platzbooking@gmail.com>